I envision my school as a place where students can learn, where teachers can teach, and where everyone is committed to excellence. The parents, teachers, students, staff, the community and administrator are co-owners of the school and must work together to improve the school. How will I make my school an organization that people want to be a part of? How will I motivate the people in my school to share my vision? What is my school for, and who will govern it? How will I lead? All of these are necessary questions to visit and revisit. My mission as a founder is to ensure that each child at my school has access to and receives a quality education. I cannot accomplish this mission alone. I believe that parents, teachers, students, staff, administrator, community members, district and state educational officers, have to work together as a team for good of all the children.

One of the key indicators of school effectiveness, firmly in place in outstanding schools, is setting of challenging targets and the good use of arrangement for assessing and tracking pupils' progress. These arrangements are supported by sophisticated information technology to which all relevant staff have.


The characteristics of outstanding schools, as detailed in the literature, can be divided into six categories:
  1. Pupil learning and learning, including personalization of learning, high expectations, Individual support and inclusion. In outstanding schools, high expectations are placed on students. These schools have a broad range of packages tailored to fit students' needs and the school context.
  2. School leadership and vision, including reflection, monitoring and effective governance. School leadership is inspirational in providing clear vision and direction in outstanding schools. "At the heart of all good to outstanding schools is good leadership and the support for, and development of, good leadership and the support for, and development of, good and outstanding leaders is crucial to school improvement." Outstanding schools know themselves and performance in a robust and inclusive manner.

In conclusion, I have discussed at length, what it means to be an outstanding school. We have put everything in place to ascertain that DIVINE INTERNATIONAL SCHOOLS remain an outstanding school in all ramifications and our students equipped to compete favourably with the best in the world.